Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 Tips to a Better Workout!

Alright, so you are consistently getting to boot camp or the gym but just don't feel the workout is going the way you want it to go. I got 5 tips for you to help boost your workout effectiveness and help you get on the fitness track you'd like to.

  1. Change your attitude. It's very much proven those who complain/whine the most during their workouts are the ones who see the least results. This is why during our boot camps we ask that the complaining be left at the door; negativity is contagious and if one person complains everyone does and the workout is wasted. Use this energy to push a few more reps or compete against others in a session or on the gym floor!
  2. Eat properly around workouts.  If you don't have the energy during the workout you won't go very far. Although breakfast is very important, the absolute most important meals surround your workout. Best case scenario, eat 60-120 minutes before a workout getting combination of complex carbs and lean proteins.  Post workout should be consumed within 45 minutes from your last set and should be combo of quick digested carbs and proteins. Liquid at that time is optimal, such as a protein shake with a banana blended in.
  3. Get adequate sleep.  Studies show that 1 hour loss of sleep will produce 30% less awareness/focus which crosses over to what you produce during your workout. Target 7-9 hours of sleep a night; if you have been only getting 4 hours then improve this by 1 hour a night, increasing this by 30 minutes every 4 weeks. 
  4. Less talking, more competing.  Workout partners or group sessions are awesome because you have peers surrounding you to help push you. Don't let this atmosphere hamper your workout however through losing focus and telling your partner all about your week or what-not. You are both there to get a good workout, so push each other to rest less and work more.
  5. Focus on the task at hand.  Don't worry about the burpees you'll have to do at the end of the workout, focus on the current exercise and set. Push each set like it's your last set; focusing on complete range of motion, little rest, and fatiguing that muscle completely.
Don't be afraid to talk to us if you been struggling during your workouts!  Email Us any questions or concerns you may have about your workouts or nutritional habits, we are here to help.